x superlock

Stahlex Superlock U-lock

 59.00  49.00 inc. Vat

The strongest bicycle locks on the market.

4 Star ART certified


Product Description

WHEN THINGS DON’T MAKE SENSE..both of these locks are certified by ART organization as 4stars locks, the one on the top is most notorious and considered the safest out there at €99 in “sale”. The one on the bottom has the same certificate, meaning is as strong and our customer price is only €49, doesn’t make much sense or does it? It’s starts making sense when you realise that we subsidize the price of our lock in order to give you adequate lock for just pennies and that in some product’s marketing costs can make up for 50% of the price.10479710_756577461073754_4717922941575196976_n