Due to unprecedented demand for our bicycles some models are out of stock and being produced at our factory, we are doing our best but bicycle components are getting scarce and it takes much more time for them to come from the respective manufacturers. If you decide to buy model that is on backorder please do not ring or message us in 5 days asking where is my bike. However if you decide to purchase bike that is on a back order now you can claim €50 credit towards the total cost as a token of appreciation for your patience after your bike gets delivered. You end up owning one of a kind Handmade Beauty Made In Europe that will be yours for many years to come.


Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

For bike it is standard delivery of flat packed bicycle, if you choose this option the bike will arrive in box and there is some assembly required*

While the delivery usually takes 1 working day, we reserve up to 14 days for delivery in the case the model is in high demand or out of stock 


It is premium service offered only across Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland , bicycle comes assembled and after adjusting the handlebars and seat for your height and pumping the tires it will be ready to cycle. We are the only company offering delivery of assembled bikes throughout all counties. SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE ON ANY POPAL BICYCLES


€10 accessories and spare parts up to 25kg(50lbs)

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

You will not be charged this cost if purchased with the bicycle.(select FREE DELIVERY, ASSEMBLED DELIVERY etc. instead)

UK DELIVERY 3-14 days 

€40(£30) Bike will be delivered flat packed in a box and there is some assembly required*


We can only ship within European Union for a shipping quote please call us on 00353 857 278 901 or send an email to

Bike will be delivered flat packed in a box and there is some assembly required*

*while it is relatively easy to assemble bike yourself we recommend you get this done by your local bike shop or someone with good mechanical skills. Always consider that Bike is a machine that will be used as a means of transport in traffic and proper adjustment and assembly is necessary for safe operation. 

**the covid restriction are interfering with our manufacturing and distribution process so in rare occasions the standard delivery time on some models can even double but we are now slowly getting everything under control and everything should be back to normal soon

***the covid restrictions worldwide has hindered the delivery of components necessary for production of some of our models, bicycles marked as “on backorder” can take up to 30 days to arrive to you in the rare cases up to double of that, consider the purchase as preorder that will allow us to continue in what we do even during this crisis and together we can beats this, Thank You!