★28″ Swing Deluxe Bike In Black With Gears★


  • Wheel Size: 28 Inch
  • Frame Size: 50 Cm (suitable for anyone over 5ft3″)
  • 3-Gear Shimano Nexus Hub
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Currently Our Best Seller
  • Puncture Resistant Tires

Available on back-order


      • 28″ Swing Deluxe bike with aluminium frame and reliable hub gears, not only your chain will never come off during shifting but this hub makes the bike very reliable, compared to 7 speed bike with normal gears(derailleur). The hub gears and roller brakes we use make the bike so reliable that it will do away with service once in two years as opposed to standard service period of every 3-5 months. We also used puncture resistant tires that will eliminate most punctures, so even thou we would like to know you better after you buy a bike from us it is not going to happen because we will most likely never see you again. Don’t just buy colourful bike, buy the best on the market.


      • Can fit child seat on front or rear of the bike, see


    • section for recommended models. In this size the bike is suitable for anyone over 5ft3in, also available in smaller size. Come to us for free test ride
      • Wheel Size: 28 Inch
      • Frame Size: 50 Cm (suitable for anyone over 5ft3″)
      • 3-speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
      • Aluminum 6061 Frame
      • Aluminum Chainset
      • Aluminium Handlebar
      • Comfortable Italian Seat
      • Hand And Coaster Brake
      • Fully Enclosed Chain
      • Permanent LED low consumption Light set
      • Soft Grips
      • Reflective Stripes On The Tires For Safety
      • Ding Dong Bell