Style & Upright Story

Put your heels and makeup on and come to pick the bike that suits your personality. leading bicycle revolution one bike at the time! Do you remember times when fashionable ladies were cycling mountain bikes in a cities?


Thankfully this dreadful picture is now becoming history and we were at forefront of this change, inspiring people to take it slow but in style and upright, say no to hi-vis vests, rubber bands on your trousers and messy helmet hair!


So put your heels and makeup on and come to pick the bike that suits your personality.


When we started the company our sole aim was to be the cheapest, after few years you realize that it is pretty easy to make bikes look the same on the picture even if one of them cost €50 less to make, it’s very hard to feel and judge quality from picture that is why we opened Ireland’s first bicycle boutique, the advantage of our bike is felt there one look in real life, one cycle and you convinced.


I’m sure you find slightly cheaper bike somewhere in the corners of Internet and they will have nice colors and look good on the photo, but remember this, fake reviews can be planted, pictures made to look good but once you get the bike delivered flat packed in your doorstep all the glamour fades away. After hours struggle with the assembly the poor welding, cheapest components and lot of plastic in the places metal should have been used just to list some have you gone mad.


So now for quite some time we don’t strive to be the cheapest anymore, we strive to provide extreme value for money, that is our new motto, so when bike comes from us you will receive low maintenance beauty, that has great frame with the most reliable gears in the world(Nexus 3 and Nexus 7), set of permanent lights, bike stand, build in locks, metal mudguards, back carrier that can take adult and lightweight chain and dress guards as standard, now go to your local or any bike shop for that matter and ask them for a bike like this would be. That, the unmatched customer service and the fact you can choose from 20 colors has been the reason why people drive all the way from Cork, Galway, Sligo or Belfast just to get one of our bikes.


Since our name became well known and we started to deliver fully assembled and tested bikes you don’t even need to travel so far to have the AngelCruisers experience. So relax get a cup of tea and browse for your perfect bike and you still have any questions use our great live chat feature.